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Benjamin Benjamin

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. ----> | | | | i o-----|.

I just saw the movie last night, and this is really fitting.
I see Benjamin's entire lifespan through small, shaky moments that keep passing each other by in this song. The world moving around him while he stays in place. Somehow, the beginning feels like both an ending and a beginning, and the song's structure follows that of the entire movie.
The ending is incredibly beautiful, just like the movie's ending. It leaves me with the same feeling.

AndieCiambotti responds:

I'm very glad you've heard this piece.
Thanks for taking the time to review it.

Burn (My website=full songs) Burn (My website=full songs)

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I can picture this song perfectly... dropping into the atmosphere of a large gas planet and being sucked into it, but not without a struggle. Thats what I see. DON'T STEAL MY IDEA!!! MyPuddle angry!!
This song is so awesome!

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Whack-a-mole responds:

Thanks for the comments. Glad this conjured and image for you, hopefully most of my music induces some sort of emotional reaction in people. Anyway, keep listening!

-Will of FH